Geo-Flow Pipe System

The GEO-flow system is substantially more efficient than conventional on-site wastewater systems because its unique patented design promotes an oxygen-rich environment for increased biomat activity. With polypropylene grid and geotextile wrapping, GEO-flow increases effluent dispersal performance. Its flexibility makes it an excellent choice for contoured applications.

Because GEO-flow is gravel-less and has a lightweight design, it is easily delivered and installed in areas where conventional gravel systems would be difficult to use. It requires fewer people, less time and less heavy equipment to install, which results in lower installation costs.

Features of the GEO-flow Pipe System

  • 10” (250 mm) diameter pipe available
  • Outside diameter of product with grid and fabric included is 12" (300 mm)
  • Available in 10-ft (3m) lengths
  • Excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance

Benefits of the GEO-flow Pipe System

  • Treatment and dispersal in the same footprint
  • Fast installation times
  • Long-term durability of HDPE

How a GEO-flow Pipe System Works

Wastewater enters one end of the system and percolates through 8 rows of holes into the exterior valley. The combination of net, septic envelope and perforations enhances the distribution and biological reduction of waste water throughout the entire circumference of the system. The GEO-flow pipe’s pretreatment capability supports the high reduction rates state health departments give the GEO-flow pipe.

Unique 3-stage System

  1. ADS Corrugated HDPE Pipe helps cool the effluent as it passes through, aiding in the separation of foods, oils and greases from wastewater. The pipe provides additional treatment of solids which may escape the septic tank.
  2. A symmetrical polypropylene grid creates a substrate for bacterial activity and assists in the distribution of effluent around the circumference of the pipe.
  3. The special geotextile wrapping creates an additional layer for biomat activity, while utilizing capillary action to wick effluent into the surrounding soil.

Anatomy of Corrugated HDPE pipe
Corrugated HDPE pipe by Advance Drainage Systems (ADS) meets requirements of ASTM F667 and features 8 evenly spaced perforations across 360 degrees in the vally of the pipe, allowing for large storage volume during peak effluent loads. A symmetrical prlypropylene grid serves to separate the geotextile wrapping from the pipe, thereby increasing the total surface area of the fabric available for biomat formation. It creates flow channels to release effluent to allow for air flow between pipe and fabric for aerobic action. The special geotextile wrapping creates an additional layer for biomat activity and prevents soil intrusion.

View the GEO-Flow System Brochure

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