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Quality Precast Concrete Products Supplier Since 1963

AJ Foss pioneered the manufacture of quality precast concrete products in New Hampshire, and has grown since 1963 to serve residential and commercial clients throughout New Hampshire, Maine and northern Massachusetts.

We offer a wide selection of in-stock products and accessories, including concrete septic tanks and accessories, cisterns, submersible pumps, decorative concrete steps, concrete planters, concrete walls and fences, and concrete landscaping block — many available for same-day delivery. We are also a dealer and installer of the NORWECO Singulair residential wastewater treatment system for New Hampshire and Maine.

Photo of AJFoss' precast concrete lot.

Photo of precast concrete wall.

Helpful Precast Concrete Products Information and Articles

The Signature of Quality Precast Concrete for More than a Half-Century

Family-owned and operated for nearly three generations, AJ Foss is a team whose commitment to quality, value and service has earned us a reputation as the signature of quality in our products.

Just ask one of our many satisfied repeat-clients throughout New Hampshire, Maine, and northern Massachusetts, and they'll tell you that we are passionate about solving our clients' challenges!

Get Your Project Done Quickly & Efficiently with Precast Concrete

Our products arrive at the job site ready to install, which can save weeks on your project timeline. Precast reduces the need for skilled labor on site, decreases the site footprint, reduces construction waste and cuts down on site noise. There is no need to order raw materials such as reinforcing steel and concrete, and no time wasted setting up forms, placing reinforcement, pouring concrete, dodging bad weather or waiting for concrete to cure.

Photo of precast concrete septic system installation.

Why Use Precast Concrete?

  • It is STRONG and increases in strength over time, unlike other materials that can deteriorate
  • It is DURABLE with a service life shown to be more than fifty years
  • It is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY since it is a "green" product made of natural, environmentally-safe components
  • It is WEATHER RESISTANT making it well-suited for all-weather applications
  • It is FLAME RESISTANT since it is a non-combustible product
  • It is BOUYANCY-RESISTANT making it ideal for below-grade construction, since its specific gravity enables it to resist buoyancy
  • It is WATERTIGHT when coupled with high quality sealants, making it ideal for a wide variety of watertight applications
  • It is UV-NEUTRAL and does not degrade from sunlight exposurePrecast concrete is EASY TO INSTALL rapidly and with simple connections, for low susceptibility to damage during backfill.
  • It is VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE FREE - and any maintenance (such as cleaning of septic tanks) does not typically require special equipment

Contact us to discuss your precast concrete product needs, and let us support you with the most cost-effective way to achieve your goals within your

schedule and budget.