Concrete Headwalls

Culvert Headwalls

A concrete headwall is a structure installed at the outlet of a drain or culvert that functions as a retaining wall to protection against erosion, or as a means to divert flow.

Precast concrete culvert headwalls and wingwalls are a vital component of drainage culverts and bridge sections. Headwalls and wingwalls are designed to function together with the conduit to provide a functional and dependable permanent structure.

A drainage culvert outlet headwall helps to prevent erosion that affects the surrounding area, to lessen the possibility of flooding. Headwalls also help to prevent erosion around bridges, to protect structural integrity.

Sizes of Precast Concrete Headwalls

A.J. Foss manufactures headwalls and wingwalls in the corresponding size and shape of your project's conduit.

Precast Headwalls and Wingwalls are used where

  • Flow must be channeled into or out of a conduit
  • The earth embankment surrounding the pipe must be retained
  • Exposed pipe ends pose a danger to traffic
  • The conduit enters or exits finished grade
  • Appearance of the pipe end is important

Types of Precast Concrete Headwall and Wingwall Systems

  • Free-standing headwalls
  • Free-standing wingwalls
  • Parapets
  • Precast aprons

View Specs for Headwalls

Contact us to discuss your projects throughout New Hampshire, Maine and Northern Massachusetts that require precast concrete headwalls, and discover the A.J. Foss difference for yourself.

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