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A.J. Foss is Your Source for StoneTree Precast Concrete Fence Wall Systems

Photo of concrete wall at night with light.A.J. Foss is the exclusive licensed manufacturer of the StoneTree Precast Concrete product line in New England. Homeowners, developers and utility station owners depend on A.J. Foss to support their projects with high-quality, attractive and durable precast concrete fence wall systems by StoneTree.

Using only proprietary StoneTree-designed precast concrete forms, the A.J. Foss team crafts each StoneTree Concrete Fence Wall system to exacting StoneTree standards for quality and durability.

Photo of concrete fence in side yard.The A.J. Foss team delivers StoneTree Concrete Fence Wall Systems to clients throughout New England – from northern New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont, to southern Massachusetts as well as Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Made to Last, From High-Strength Concrete and Reinforced Steel

StoneTree Precast Concrete Fence Wall Systems are manufactured from a high strength 5,000 psi concrete mix to form a powerfully strong, durable, long lasting precast concrete fence wall. The concrete is also reinforced with either steel rebar or steel fibers in addition to the power of the concrete, to develop a strong, long-lasting final product.

Whether you’re looking to enclose a specific area, provide a safe, secure environment for a gated residential community, commercial, industrial or municipal property, or reduce noise from nearby traffic, StoneTree Precast Fence Wall Systems are versatile, durable, efficient aesthetically pleasing and affordable.

Photo of sign on concrete wall.StoneTree Concrete Fence Wall Systems Provide Solid Value for Your Investment

Every inch of a StoneTree Precast Concrete Fence Wall System crafted by A.J. Foss is loaded with features that provide long-lasting value and a solid return on investment. The key features and valuable benefits of each StoneTree Fence system add up to real value that far outweighs the cost.

Photo of concrete fence.Benefits of StoneTree Concrete Fence Wall Systems

  • Fast, easy installation – StoneTree Concrete Fence Walls can be quickly and easily installed at 90 feet per hour.
  • Wind-Resistance - StoneTree Concrete Fence Walls can withstand winds up to 100 mph.
  • Attractive Design on Both Sides – StoneTree Concrete Fence Walls are attractively finished with a highly defined and natural-looking texture on BOTH sides, because the concrete fence wall sections are vertically cast in the form in which they are manufactured.
  • Available in a Variety of Texture Styles - StoneTree Concrete Fence Walls have highly-defined formed texture on both sides of the wall, offering an aesthetically-pleasing view from all angles. Standard textures are available in a variety of stone, block and brick patterns, including ashlar, stacked stone, split face block, slate block, coral stone, and coral stone with split face block. Custom-designed form liners may be made for retailers and other entities which may desire a unique texture, logo or other custom architectural detail on their precast concrete fence wall.
  • Limitless Color Options – Color options for StoneTree Concrete Fence Walls are limitless, giving your fence a customized feel which complements the existing surroundings and landscape. The specially formulated concrete sealer that penetrates the concrete and protects the beauty and longevity of the fence wall, may also be combined with your choice of a wide variety of color pigments to obtain your desired appearance.
  • Available in a Variety of Heights - StoneTree Concrete Fence Walls are available in a variety of standard heights, suitable for privacy fences, security fences, commercial fences, boundary walls and more. Popular fence wall heights range from three to eight feet. Custom heights ranging from from twelve to sixteen feet can also be manufactured, with taller walls available on request.
  • Easy to Remove or Replace - StoneTree Concrete Fence Wall sections are modular, and easy to remove or replace if necessary. A damaged section may be lifted out and removed without any impact to the adjacent fence sections. Sections may also be removed to allow for the installation of temporary or permanent access.
  • Lighting and Security Equipment May be Added – StoneTree Concrete Fence Walls may be customized for the installation of security attachments such as lighting, security cameras, wrought iron with spikes, and razor wire to ensure the enclosed area is protected.

Photo of concrete wall with lights at night.StoneTree System Caisson Footings Support Your Project’s Success

Instead of the continuous footing that is required for the installation of a traditional concrete masonry wall, or smaller footings set closer together, a StoneTree Precast Concrete Fence Wall is supported entirely on caisson footings spaced at 15 foot centers, using a rigid support.

This provides several benefits, including:

  • StoneTree Precast Concrete Fence Wall is designed with 18-inch columns at 15-foot centers, to create an upscale design
  • StoneTree Precast Concrete Fence Walls bear completely on caisson footings, to eliminate settlement cracks or future slippage of the smaller stack panels due to ground shift
  • Less mitigation is involved as the caisson design of a StoneTree Precast Concrete Fence Wall allows for the natural flow of water across the property, which is critical in some environmentally-sensitive areas
  • The 15-foot spacing of a StoneTree Precast Concrete Fence Wall system enables installation crews to work around any underground utilities more easily
  • The rigid support provides for immediate stabilization of each section as it is installed, which speeds the construction process, provides greater safety, and allows for easy removal and resetting of any section for repairs, or for any future addition to the fence wall system

Can a StoneTree Concrete Wall Function as a Retaining Wall?

StoneTree Concrete Fence Walls can be designed to retain soil, but they must be engineered with the correct amount of reinforcement to meet your project’s requirements. A.J. Foss can work with your builder, architect or engineer to ensure that your retaining wall is engineered and installed correctly.

Photo of decorative concrete fence.StoneTree Precast Concrete Fence Walls
Functional and Decorative for Any Fence Application

A.J. Foss manufactures a wide variety of StoneTree Concrete Fence Walls:

  • Boundary Perimeter Walls by StoneTree
  • Commercial Fence Walls by StoneTree
  • HOA Fence Walls by StoneTree
  • Hurricane Fence Walls by StoneTree
  • Perimeter Fence Walls by StoneTree
  • Privacy Fence Walls by StoneTree
  • Residential Fence Walls by StoneTree
  • Security Fence Walls by StoneTree
  • Sound Wall Barriers by StoneTree
  • Utility Fence Walls by StoneTree

Contact us to discuss your projects throughout New Hampshire, Maine and Northern Massachusetts that require precast concrete walls or precast concrete fences, and discover the A.J. Foss difference for yourself.

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