Retaining Wall Landscaping Blocks

Attractive and Durable Retaining Walls and Landscaping Blocks

A.J. Foss precast concrete retaining wall landscaping blocks are an economical way to create strong and attractive retaining walls that complement any landscape.

Crafted with our high-strength 5,000 psi, Type III cement, our precast concrete retaining wall landscaping blocks feature an attractive finished side that looks like split-faced granite.

Photo of commercial retaining wall.Versatile and Scalable

Precast concrete retaining wall landscaping blocks are stackable up to three courses high before needing geo-grid for reinforcing the soil behind them. Larger walls of retaining wall landscaping blocks, 10-ft and higher, can be engineered. The A.J. Foss team has completed installations up to 20-feet high.

Retaining wall landscaping blocks are also an ideal option for installing in locations around water. Typical poured retaining walls are 8 to 10 inches thick using 3,500 psi concrete. Because there is no seam they crack over time because of the force of the ice pushing against them. Our blocks allow for a seam every 4 feet, along with the blocks being 24 inches thick, three times thicker then a poured wall. This disipates the force of the ice against the blocks.

Photo of retaining wall at residential community.Retaining Wall Block Sizes

A.J. Foss manufactures precast concrete retaining wall landscaping blocks in 2 sizes

  • Large blocks: 2-ft H x 4-ft L x 2-ft W
  • Small blocks: 2-ft H x 2-ft L x 2-ft W

Photo of landscaping blocks in garden.Proper Installation is Key
Since each block weighs up to 2,000 pounds, precast concrete retaining wall landscape blocks must be installed with the proper equipment. This weight is beneficial in providing for a strong wall that remains in place once installed.

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Contact us to discuss your projects throughout New Hampshire, Maine and Northern Massachusetts that require precast concrete landscaping blocks, and discover the A.J. Foss difference for yourself.

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