1600 Gallon Precast Concrete Monolithic Septic Tank

Product Overview:
Designed to hold 1600 gallons of liquid, this top-seam style tank offers the ability to run the pipe from the house to either one of its side or center inlets. The same option is available on the outlet of the tank, going out to the leach field from its side or out its middle outlet. Polylok IV closed end boots are used for the tank’s penetrations, giving a flexible, watertight connection to the pipe entering and leaving the precast structure. Meets all best-practice requirements of ASTM C 1227 & NPCA.


  • 1600 gallon septic tank is used in 5 bedroom systems.
  • Also used as a pump station
  • Is delivered pre-assembled for ease of installation
  • Top seam tank for use in high water table areas or where preventing water infiltration is critical

* Details shown are NH-specific; for details of other states’ specifications.

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Drawing of a 1600 gallon precast concrete monolithic septic tank.