2000 Gallon Septic Tanks: Precast Concrete

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2000 Gallon Concrete Septic Tank Overview

Our 2000 gallon septic tank is a mid-seam style precast concrete tank designed to hold 2000 liquid gallons. Plumbers can install it by running pipes from the home drains to either of the tank’s side or middle inlets.

Pipes can also extend from areas such as the side outlet or center outlet of the tank to the leach field.

Plumber tools such as Polylok IV closed end plumbing boots are used to create tank penetrations.  This achieves water tightness with flexible connection to pipes as they enter or exit the precast structure.

The A.J. Foss team manufactures and services waste water septic system tanks for home or commercial use that meet all best practice requirements of ASTM C 1227 & NPCA.

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    Service professionals such as plumbers, septic system designers, and job site excavation contractors team up with A.J. Foss to specify and provide quality septic system design and installation.


    • 2000 gallon septic tank used in 6 bedroom systems
    • If a garbage grinder is used this is a common size to fulfill the requirements of increasing the septic tank size by 50% (Example: 4 bedroom system needs a 1250 gallon tank. Now the homeowner wants to use a garbage grinder. 1250 gallons x 1.50 = 1875 gallons is the minimum volume required
    • Requires installation service professionals to set it in two pieces

    * Details shown are NH-specific; for details of other states’ specifications.

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    2000 Gallon Septic Tank Details
    Tank dimensions12’ x 6’6” x 5’8”
    Number of bedrooms supported6 or 7
    Ideal for high water tableNo, but our 2000 gallon monolithic tank is.
    Average retail cost$2406.25
    Number of covers (lids)2
    Can come in traffic rated (H20) capacityYes
    Concrete strength5,000 PSI
    What are its gallons per vertical inch41
    Weight16,000 lbs.
    Fiber re-enforcedYes
    Number of inlets boots (Up to schedule 40 pipe can slide through)3
    Height of Inlet from bottom of tank to bottom of pipe56”
    Number of outlets boots (Up to schedule 40 pipe can slide through)3
    Height of outlet from bottom of tank to bottom of pipe53”
    Required height of inlet baffle (20% of liquid level)10”
    Required height of outlet baffle (40% of liquid level)20”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a 2000 gallon concrete septic tank cost?

    Answer:  The average retail cost of a 2000 gallon concrete septic tank for waste water systems is $2250.

    How many bedroom does a 2000 gallon septic tank support?

    Answer: A home in New Hampshire with six or seven bedrooms can be served by a 2000 gallon septic tank.

    Is this tank ideal for properties with high water tables?

    Answer:  For homes on high water table properties, a monolithic septic tank with a seam at the very top of the tank is ideal.  Our 2000 gallon septic tanks come in both mid-seam and monolithic models.

    How much does a 2000 gallon concrete septic tank weigh?

    Answer:  Our 2000 gallon concrete septic tanks weigh approximately 16,000 lbs.  However, weight varies between precast manufacturers depending on the dimensions, wall thickness, floor and top thickness, and rebar reinforcement.

    Can you drive over a 2000 gallon concrete septic tank?

    It depends on the design rating.  We manufacture tanks in 3 variations: H-10 is for pedestrian traffic with 300 lbs. of live load per square foot plus 3’ of burial depth.  HD is for burial depth up to 5’.  H-20 is for drive over traffic & up to 6’ of burial depth.

    Can you use a 2000 gallon septic tank as a pump station?

    Yes. A single compartment area version, or more commonly, a two compartment area version.  We carry two different compartment sizes:  1600 gallons in the 1st compartment, 400 gallons in the 2nd compartment or 1500 gallons in the 1st compartment, 500 gallons in the 2nd compartment.

    2000 gallon precast concrete septic tank drawing.

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