Concrete Leaching Chambers

Concrete leaching chambers are used to leach out effluent from the septic tank into the ground. Concrete chambers are a long-lasting, reusable solution. They have been reliably used as leach fields for 50+ years.

Concrete Leach Field Chambers Advantages

Concrete leach field chambers have many advantages due to their durability, cost savings, quick installation and 40% leach field reduction in New Hampshire and Maine compared to a pipe and stone leach field.Concrete Leaching Chambers

  • Can be driven over (H-20 traffic-rated)
  • Enable a leach field size reduction up to 40% in New Hampshire & Maine, compared to pipe and stone design
  • Side seepage holes that enable liquid to be disbursed out of the sides as well as the bottom
  • Great for small lots where the leach field must be located in the driveway or in a parking lot
  • Leaching chambers install in minutes, saving contractors time
  • Concrete chambers can be reused

8x8 Chambers Install Faster and Reduce Project Costs by 33%

  • Must have a 4-inch perforated pipe run through them so the effluent can travel from one side of the chamber to the other.
  • Are easier to install than other sizes, and cost about 1/3 less than the same-size leach field bed that utilizes 4x8 chambers.

Concrete Leaching Chambers Sizes and Cost:

A.J. Foss precast concrete chambers are available in 5 sizes.

(Click sizes for PDF drawings.)

Leach Field Chambers

Concrete Leaching Chambers Provide 40% Smaller Leach Fields for Small Lots

4x8x13-inch tall 8-ft inlet side chambers can be used to lengthen an 8x8 septic chamber bed, enabling the designer to construct an appropriate bed size for each project. (This allows for extension of the leach field in 4-ft. sections instead of 8-ft sections. This means that the designer can extend from a 24 to a 28-ft wide bed, instead of needing to extend to 32-ft where space doesn’t allow.)

Other size septic chambers have a built-in precast pipe with slots on the side, for moving effluent from one side of the chamber to the other.

View Concrete Chamber Sizes & Diagrams

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