Drop Inlets

A standard concrete drop inlet (a form of a catch basin) is a below-ground square box precast concrete structure with a horizontal square opening.

Typically, a slotted or perforated metal grate is set into the top of the drop inlet to bring it to ground level to allow water to enter into the structure.

During a heavy rain storm, water drains from the surface area into the grate openings of the drop inlet. The water then drains into a stormwater pipe that is connected to the drop inlet. Many catch basins can be linked with pipe to create a network of drainage points. The water moves to its destination through the system of pipes, using gravity.

Concrete Drop Inlets - A Cost-Effective Solution

Drop inlets are a cost-effective alternative option to custom-made catch basins. A major advantage of a drop inlet is that an installer can make as-needed on-site adjustments to it. For example, holes must be made at certain elevations of the drop inlet, to accommodate certain size pipes. If a contractor ordered a custom-made catch basin and the project specifications changed (hole elevation, hole size, hole orientation), the custom structure would be useless and a new one is needed.

Precast concrete drop inlets manufactured by A.J. Foss are AASHTO HS20-44 Traffic-Rated.

View A.J. Foss Plan & Elevation Views of a Drop Inlet

Drop Inlet Uses and Applications

  • Storm Water Management
  • Traffic Rated-Roadways & Parking Lots
  • Non-Traffic Rated-Pedestrian Areas


A partially recessed shape is cast-In to the concrete during the casting process, leaving a wall that can be broken on site to create the desired opening shape or size. Oval knock-outs are offered in multiple locations to provide access for pipes required. Hole size and locations can vary, and knock-outs are easily broken with a hammer to create desired opening shape and size. Up to 15-inch pipe can be used with drop inlet knockouts.


A shaped opening is cast-In to the concrete during the casting process, leaving a hole-specific access opening for Pipe or Box Culvert. Round cast-in openings are offered in multiple locations to provide access for pipes, and opening sizes and locations can vary. Rubber boots can be used with this option.

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