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Diagram of Norweco Singulair system

As an alternative septic system, the Norweco Singulair® wastewater treatment system offers a state-of-the-art solution for managing wastewater efficiently and sustainably.

This aerobic septic system is designed to replace traditional septic tanks with a trouble-free, energy-efficient alternative that treats incoming wastewater and returns harmless effluent to the environment within 48 hours.

By utilizing a dynamic combination of electro-mechanical equipment, solid-state technology, and web-based monitoring, the Norweco Singulair aerobic septic system ensures optimal performance and reliability, making it a preferred choice for homeowners and property designers seeking advanced septic system solutions.

A.J. Foss is a licensed Norweco Septic Systems dealer of Singulair® Wastewater Treatment Systems. Our team is factory-trained to serve as your reliable source for precast custom-formed Norweco septic systems crafted from proprietary Norweco-designed precast concrete forms.

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    As the area certified Norweco dealer, we answer your questions and manufacture, install and service your Norweco Septic System and Norweco Service Pro Control Center.  Our customers are home and property owners throughout New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts.

    Our team uses specially-designed Norweco forms to ensure that each tank is manufactured to Norweco’s exacting design and assembly specifications. Our people carefully craft each precast concrete tank using a Norweco-designed precast concrete form, and install all appropriate Norweco-brand components into each tank.

    For those seeking septic system alternatives, home and commercial property septic system designers often specify Norweco wastewater septic systems manufactured by A.J. Foss in their septic design plans. 

    Why Choose a Norweco Singulair® Alternative Septic System?

    Alternative septic system options like the state-of-the-art Singulair® wastewater treatment system are highly appreciated for being trouble-free and energy-efficient compared to outdated, unmanageable septic tanks. Items manufactured to Norweco specifications quietly, efficiently, and automatically treat all incoming wastewater, returning harmless effluent to the environment in just 48 hours.

    The Norweco Singulair® alternative septic system features a dynamic combination of electro-mechanical equipment, solid state technology and web-based monitoring.  These items increase property value and system performance for customers of A.J. Foss throughout New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and northern Massachusetts.

    Crafted to the Stringent Requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 40
    All A.J. Foss-crafted Norweco Singulair Wastewater Treatment systems meet (and often exceed) the stringent standards of NSF/ANSI Standard 40.

    Support for Designers
    Questions are always welcome!  A.J. Foss provides design professionals with information and tools they need to specify Norweco Singulair aerobic septic systems (and all other precast concrete products we manufacture).

    Specific information and items that A.J. Foss provides to septic designers include:

    • A USB drive that contains the product’s AutoCAD and PDF drawing files
    • A Pump Station package that details system dimensions, features, control panel and components (for Norweco and non-Norweco systems)  Click to see an example!

    Capacity Options for Norweco Singulair Wastewater Treatment Tanks
    A.J. Foss offers five size options for Norweco Singulair Wastewater Treatment Tanks. We do this by modifying the height of our proprietary Norweco-designed precast concrete form to increase the tank capacity to handle uses ranging from 500 to 1,500 gallons per day.

    Available capacity options for the Norweco Singulair wastewater treatment system range from 500 to 1,500 gallons per day.

    A.J. Foss Full Service Support

    Development, Delivery, Installation & Service
    Your Norweco Singulair aerobic septic system comes to you complete from A.J. Foss, including delivery, tank setting, equipment installation, plant start-up and service. A series of service and adjustment inspections are scheduled for the first two years of operation at the time your system is installed. These inspections are included in the sale, so your system can continue to perform at the highest level to protect you and your investment. Extended service contracts are also available.

    Benefits of the Norweco Singulair Individual Home Wastewater Treatment Plant With Bio-Kinetic System

    Since the Norweco Singulair wastewater treatment system operates only 30 minutes of every hour (unlike other systems that run 24 hours a day), it uses only half of the energy required by continuous-run systems.

    Durable and Reliable
    Since the only mechanical component in the Norweco Singulair aerobic septic system is the aerator, the system is designed to be durable and reliable for many years of use.

    The Norweco brand is recognized as an industry leader in providing environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient wastewater treatment systems.

    Norweco Factory-Training = Your Peace of Mind
    As the area’s licensed and factory-trained distributor of Norweco, the A.J Foss team is fully trained by Norweco’s nationally-accredited program. We are ready to manufacture, install and service your Norweco Singulair System and Norweco Service Pro Control Center, as we’ve successfully done for clients throughout New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts.

    Worry-Free Service and Maintenance
    The A.J. Foss team provides all follow-up service and maintenance for your Norweco Singulair wastewater treatment system, to ensure that you will enjoy many years of successful and streamlined operation.

    Prompt, Hassle-Free Delivery
    A.J.Foss provides prompt delivery of your Norweco Singulair® wastewater treatment system. Customers throughout New Hampshire and Maine appreciate our renowned service of providing them with a one-hour delivery window on their scheduled delivery day, which improves their project sequencing and minimizes job-site downtime.

    How Does a Norweco Septic System Work?

    Just how does a Norweco septic system work?  The Singulair Biokinetic septic system operates much like a municipal wastewater treatment system. Employing the extended aeration method, biological treatment of the wastewater is achieved utilizing a totally natural process. The tank contents are thoroughly mixed while introducing oxygen from the atmosphere. Bacteria in the wastewater are used to break down the organic matter. The addition of oxygen and the maintenance of aerobic conditions create a favorable environment for the bacteria so they can live, thrive, and multiply.

    The biological process employed within the Norweco Singulair system is a derivative of the activated sludge process; however, retention time in the tank is “extended” and the amount of time the wastewater is retained within the tank is much longer than the retention times common to municipal treatment systems; thus the term extended aeration.

    Four Stages of Treatment

    The Singulair Biokinetic septic system incorporates four stages of treatment; Pretreatment, Aeration, Clarification and Tertiary treatment via the Bio-Kinetic system. The entire system provides 48-hour retention of the daily wastewater flow. All processes are contained within the precast concrete tank and all tank compartments and electro-mechanical components are easily serviceable from grade.

    Pretreatment Chamber Function

    The pretreatment chamber provides 18 hour retention of the daily wastewater flow. Within this chamber, anaerobic bacteria begin the treatment process preparing the wastewater for treatment in downstream chambers. This portion of the Singulair system functions much like a septic tank. A scum layer will form at the surface and a sludge blanket will form at the bottom of the chamber. In a properly operated and maintained Singulair system the pretreatment chamber is the only portion of the tank that has to be pumped out. Pumping is determined based on the depth of the scum and sludge layers. When either of these layers accumulates to a depth that approaches the bottom of the discharge tee, the pretreatment chamber will need to be pumped out.

    Aeration Chamber Function

    The aeration chamber provides a minimum of 24 hour retention of the design daily flow. While the wastewater is retained within the aeration chamber, aerobic bacteria oxidize the organic matter and pollutants are biologically broken down into harmless gases, liquids and solids. To maintain just the right environment within the aeration chamber, the Singulair aerator injects oxygen and mixes the contents of the tank stimulating the activity of the bacteria. Operating with the ability to adjust time cycles, the Singulair aerator provides just the right aerobic environment to insure complete oxidation of all organic material.

    Clarification Chamber Function

    The clarification chamber provides a minimum of six hours of retention of the design daily flow and provides a quiescent zone where all activated sludge and small particles are removed by gravitational settling. The bottom half of the clarification chamber is formed into a hopper with each of the three chamber sidewalls sloping 60 degrees toward the center. The design of this chamber facilitates the return of sludge and small particles to the inlet zone where they are returned to the aeration chamber for additional treatment. The contents of the clarification chamber are maintained still and quiet to maximize gravitational settling.

    Bio-Static Sludge Return

    Installed in the wall separating the aeration and clarification chambers, the Bio-Static sludge return utilizes aeration chamber currents to aid in the return of activated sludge and small particles to the aeration chamber. The inlet of the Bio-Static sludge return is positioned below the normal liquid level of the aeration chamber to allow chamber currents to enter while the Singulair aerator is operating. The currents are channeled through the Bio-Static sludge return to the sludge return zone of the clarification chamber. In the sludge return zone, the hydraulic currents sweep settled sludge from the sloping hopper sidewalls and direct the settled solids and sludge through the inlet zone of the clarification chamber back into the aeration chamber. During aerator operation, current continuously moves through the Bio-Static sludge return re-suspending sludge and settled solids. The result is a positive return of sludge similar to that achieved with a sludge return pump, but without pneumatic or electric power. Thus, it does not require a pump to bring sludge back for re-treatment.

    Tertiary Treatment System – A Truly Unique Device

    Once the wastewater has been pretreated, aerated and settled, it passes through the Bio-Kinetic tertiary treatment system. The Bio-Kinetic system assures that only clear, odorless effluent is returned to the environment. Installed in the outlet of the Singulair tank, all wastewater must pass through the Bio-Kinetic tertiary treatment system in order to be discharged. A truly unique device available only in Singulair Bio-Kinetic wastewater treatment systems, the Bio-Kinetic tertiary treatment device not only provides filtration, but also flow equalization, gravitational settling and if regulations require, disinfection and dechlorination.

    The Only Non-mechanical Flow Equalization Device Available

    The Bio-Kinetic system is the only non-mechanical flow equalization device available for use in a residential wastewater treatment system. It controls all flow through the Singulair wastewater treatment plant, managing hydraulic surges that occur during peak flow periods. This prevents the washout of solids from the pretreatment chamber, ensures complete oxidation of the organic matter in the aeration chamber and allows the clarification chamber to settle out activated sludge and small particles even during peak flow periods.

    Controlling peak flows is essential to any wastewater treatment system and is the primary purpose of a flow equalization device. In addition to the flow equalization ports, the Bio-Kinetic system incorporates a design flow and peak flow filter. Downstream of the filters are eight settling zones that allow particles small enough to pass through the filters to settle out and collect within the Bio-Kinetic system. It is the filtration and additional settling that insures only the highest quality of effluent is discharged to the environment. Within the internal chambers of the Bio-Kinetic system, is an arrangement of 42 baffled plates. These plates provide kinetic filtration as the effluent passes from the upstream settling zones to the outlet of the Singulair tank. The Bio-Kinetic system is easily installed and serviceable from grade. Its design and operation make it one of the most unique devices in our industry and it is available only in the Singulair Bio-Kinetic wastewater treatment plant.

    The Singulair Aerator: Provides Aerated Wastewater Treatment System Cost Efficiency
    Installed in the pre-cast concrete mounting casting, the Singulair aerator mixes the contents of the aeration chamber and at the same times delivers oxygen to maintain aerobic conditions. Its position is maintained above the liquid level of the aeration chamber insuring that only the stainless steel aspirator shaft and nylon aspirator tip are in contact with the wastewater. The fractional horsepower Singulair aerator operates on 115 volts of electrical power for efficient, low-cost operation. Fresh air enters the unit mounting casting through the nylon vent cast in the concrete lid and then is drawn into the aerator through four air intake ports located on the upper end bell of the aerator. As the aerator turns the aspirator tip at 1725 revolutions per minute, air is drawn down through the aerator motor, through the aspirator shaft and out the aspirator tip. All of the components in contact with the wastewater are manufactured from either stainless steel or nylon. The 1/6 horsepower, 115 volt, 60 cycle single phase, 1725 rpm motor is especially built for use in the Singulair system. 1725 rpm operation is a significant feature. Slower operating speeds result in cooler operating temperatures, higher motor torque values and longer aerator life.

    Electrical power is delivered to the aerator through a moisture proof electrical connector and UL listed power cord assembly. The NEMA 6 P electrical connector and power cord assembly make it easy to remove the aerator for inspection or service. The Singulair aerator is provided with a programmable control center that permits fully automatic operation of the Singulair system and it is contained within a sealed, corrosion resistant enclosure.

    Singulair: The Only Aerator with a Three Year Warranty and Lifetime Exchange Program
    The Singulair aerator enjoys the distinction of being the only aerator on the market today backed by a three year warranty and lifetime exchange program. The warranty and exchange program is transferrable to new homeowners if the house is sold. Should a defect in material or workmanship be discovered within the Singulair aerator, control center or Bio-Kinetic system during the first three years, it will be replaced at no charge. If the aerator malfunctions any time within the lifetime exchange period, it will be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a new unit. A replacement aerator is provided in exchange for the aerator that has malfunctioned and comes complete with a new three year warranty.

    Norweco Singulair Service Pro Control Center
    The Norweco Singulair Service Pro Control Center is the up-to-the-minute way to manage your Norweco Singulair treatment system. It’s the only control center that employs revolutionary Monitoring, Compliance and Diagnostic (MCD) Technology. Your Singulair Service Pro Control Center automatically operates the treatment plant, monitors system operations and provides verification of all service work performed.

    The control center is provided with a visual and audible alarm that is activated in the event a high water condition or mechanical malfunction occurs within the Singulair tank. Should one of these conditions occur, the resettable breaker in the control center will trip and the alarms will be activated. Once a mechanical malfunction or high water condition has been corrected, the circuit breaker can be reset to return the Singulair system to normal operation.

    About the Singulair Model 960 Concrete Wastewater Treatment System

    The Singulair Model 960 system is an advanced septic system and an NSF STD 40, Class “I” system with effluent quality < than 10 mg/l for CBOD and TSS. The aerator is programmed to run on a 30 minute on/off time cycle. Aerator run time can be increased in 5 minute increments up to 55 minutes on and 5 minutes off, or run continuously.

    Norweco Singulair 960 Cost

    A Norweco Singulair 960 Septic System costs on average $6,900 installed.**

    About the Norweco Singulair TNT Septic System

    The Singulair Model TNT (total nitrogen treatment) system is listed under NSF STD 40 and 245. In addition to < 10 mg/l effluent quality for CBOD and TSS, the TNT system reduces total nitrogen by 68% in NSF testing and independent 3rd party field testing.

    Norweco Singulair TNT Cost

    A Norweco Singulair TNT Septic System costs on average $7,300 installed.**

    Specifying the Total Nitrogen Treatment (TNT) System

    The TNT system should be specified in areas of high ground water tables where nitrate contamination is a public health concern. The only difference between the 960 and TNT system is the aerator run time. Aerator run time for the TNT system is controlled at a nonadjustable rate of 60 minutes on/off.

    About the Singulair Green® 600 GPD Norweco Aerobic Septic System

    The Singulair Green® 600 GPD Aerobic Tank is an advanced septic system ideal for homes with wastewater flows of up to 600 gallons per day (up to 4 bedrooms), and located on narrow or small lots with access restrictions.

    As detailed in the Singulair Green® Treatment System brochure, this complete onsite domestic wastewater treatment package provides the same four-step advanced aerobic treatment process as the Singulair® Model 960.  Both models perform the same environmentally-friendly aerobic treatment process that transforms residential wastewater into odorless, clean effluent in less than 24 hours.  Both models provide single-tank convenience for pretreatment, aeration, clarification, filtration & flow equalization in one compact treatment unit.

    The primary differences between the models are the tank construction, capacity, and weight. The Singulair Green® tank is made of durable, watertight polyethylene, while the Singulair 960 tank is made of high-quality durable precast concrete.   These differences and other considerations regarding plastic tanks versus precast concrete tanks are outlined below, to help property owners select the best application for their septic system needs.

    Key Differences Between Norweco Singulair Green® and Singulair® Model 960 Aerobic Treatment Systems

    The difference between the Green model and the 960 model, is the type of Norweco septic tank you choose.  The Green model uses a plastic septic tank, where the 960 uses a precast concrete septic tank.  The chart below highlights the benefits of each.

    NORWECO Singulair Green 600 GPD Aerobic TankNORWECO Singulair 960 Aerobic Concrete Tank
    Tank Material/ConstructionHigh density, rotationally-molded, UV stabilized polyethylene with integral support ribsHigh-quality 5,000 psi precast concrete for decades of reliable performance
    Tank Size / Capacity600 GPD (up to 4 bedrooms)1,500+ GPD (up to 8 bedrooms)
    Weight1,100 lbs.
    (transport with small truck or trailer; install* with small excavator)
    10,500 lbs.
    (transport with A.J. Foss flatbed truck; install* with A.J. Foss crane)
    Internal ComponentsIntegral to unitInstalled separately (no extra charge)
    Site ConditionsBest for sites with access restrictions (due to trees, walls, fences, etc.)Best for sites without limited access
    Driveway ConsiderationsNot Traffic Rated (Cannot drive over)Available as Traffic-Rated (Can drive over when specified)
    Water Table ConsiderationsBest for sites with LOW Water Table (Floats more easily than concrete)Best for sites with HIGH Water Table (Concrete does not float easily)
    System CostApprox.** $7,300+Approx.** $6,900
    Service / MaintenanceA.J. Foss services what we sell (unlike Home Stores, for whom we do not service)A.J. Foss services everything we sell
    Availability7-day lead time to order each unitIn-stock

    * Professional installation is encouraged; A.J. Foss services what we sell and professionally install.
    ** For deliveries within a 50-mile radius of A.J. Foss in Farmington NH. Additional charge for farther.

    View the Norweco Singulair Green Owner’s Manual to learn more about how the system works.

    As outlined in our article titled Septic System Cost: An Installation and Replacement Guide for New Hampshire, conditions that affect the Norweco Singulair Green® installation cost and potentially slow the installation process include Ledge, tight access, utilities discovery, etc.; Permitting for wetland-area projects (can add several months to a year), and weather.

    Service & Maintenance Schedule

    A.J. Foss includes four (semi-annual) service visits with in the first two years of operation for every Singulair system we install. The cost for these prescheduled service visits are included in the initial contract cost, as is required of any NSF STD 40 Class “I” system. Service should not be done by unauthorized personnel who have not been trained by Norweco, Inc.

    Contact us to discuss your projects throughout New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Northern Massachusetts that require Norweco Singulair wastewater treatment systems, and discover the A.J. Foss difference for yourself.

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