Pump Boxes

Plumbing of waste water commonly involves a pump box. The job of a pump box is similar to a septic tank, but it is smaller and has a pump, or grinder installed inside of it. For a home or commercial property, a pump box is typically used for retro-fit purposes, or when a pump box is required before installing a septic tank. Pump boxes can be installed with an aluminum hatch, if required.  Waste water drains from plumbing systems into a pump box for treatment.

Cost-Effective, One-Source Solutions

Photo of precast concrete pump box.A.J. Foss supports customers by specifying the appropriate pump and accessories for each project, and then installing them. This one-source plumbing solution ensures that people gain cost-effective service and peace of mind.

With our comprehensive pump service package, our team of A.J. Foss experts will set up your unit with check valves, a double-float switch, a high water alarm float, and high water alarm box.  For area projects that require it, duplex systems are also available with rails.

Pump Box Features:

  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Replacement
  • Watertight Riser
  • Watertight Junction
  • Electrician-ready

Pump Junction Box Installed in Plastic Riser

Photo of plastic riser on precast concrete pump box.An easy way to install a pump into your septic tank is thorough a pump junction box installed in a plastic riser which sits on top of the pump box. Your electrician simply wires power to the box and plugs it in. If the pump or floats fail, just unplug it, replace the faulty part, and plug it back in. Installing a pump junction box in a plastic riser will save you time and money when a pump inevitably fails. Duplex systems are also available.

Features of the JB Plugger Junction Box

  • NEMA 4X enclosure rated for outdoor use
  • Hinged cover for convenience
  • Receptacle for pump & pump switch (120V or 230V)
  • Custom engineered liquid-tight cord seal
  • Strain relief for pump and float cords provided by cord seal
  • Terminal strip for use with alarm system
  • Separate alarm and pump control circuitry provided by terminal strip
  • Dual safety certification for the United States and Canada
  • Three-year limited warranty

Support for Designers

A.J. Foss supports design professionals by providing these tools for all precast products:

  • A USB drive that contains the product’s AutoCAD and PDF drawing files
  • A Pump Station package that details system dimensions, features, control panel and components (for multi-compartment tanks as well)  Click to see an example!

Contact us to discuss your projects throughout New Hampshire, Maine and Northern Massachusetts that require wastewater and stormwater products, and discover the A.J. Foss difference for yourself.

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