Alternative Small Septic Systems For Small Lots

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Photo of small lot septic system for waterfront property.

Small septic systems, also known as alternative or innovative septic systems, provide excellent, cost-effective solutions for homeowners with small lots or difficult terrain on their lots.

These alternative septic systems for small lots are designed to fit into limited space and can accommodate various soil conditions and environmental constraints. They often employ advanced treatment processes, such as aerobic treatment units, sand filters, or pressure-dosed drain fields, to ensure efficient waste treatment and groundwater protection.

By choosing an alternative small septic system, homeowners in NH, ME, and MA can overcome the limitations of traditional septic systems and maintain the environmental health of their property.

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Photo of small leach field for small lot septic system.Factors That Require Small Septic Systems

A few of the most common issues that can limit a property’s available septic system space include:

  • Tight property boundaries on a small lot
  • Required setbacks to a well, water body, or property line
  • Large mature trees that inhibit space-clearing for a leach field
  • Existing landscaping considerations
  • Inadequate soil elevation issues

Any of these space-limiting factors will compel home or property owners to ask questions and seek a small septic system solution, since the smaller available leach field space typically cannot support a traditional septic system.

Small Septic Tanks are Not Always the Best Solution

Small septic tanks are often not the answer for homeowners facing lot restrictions. In many cases, a comprehensive small septic system is necessary to effectively manage wastewater within limited space.

Alternative small septic systems are designed to address these challenges, offering advanced treatment processes that ensure efficient waste treatment and groundwater protection in compact areas.

By opting for a small septic system, instead of a small septic tank, homeowners can navigate the constraints of their lot and maintain the environmental health of their property.

Alternative Septic Systems Can Sometimes Allow For Larger Septic Tanks

Alternative septic systems in New Hampshire can provide homeowners with small lot restrictions more flexibility in terms of septic tank size and overall system design compared to traditional septic systems.

These systems often incorporate advanced treatment processes, which can allow for smaller leach fields or different placement options. As a result, homeowners might have the option to install larger septic tanks if needed, as the system's efficiency can compensate for the limited space available for the leach field.

The specific size and design of the septic tank and system will depend on the property's unique constraints, soil conditions, and local regulations. It's always best to consult with a septic system professional or local health department to determine the most suitable option for your property.

Small Septic System Solutions for NH Waterfront Owners

For NH homeowners with waterfront properties, the Shoreline Protection Act requires a tree survey that assigns points based on the height and circumference of each tree, and limits the number of points you can use to cut down trees.  In many cases, this greatly limits the available space for a septic system.  An alternative septic system like the Norweco Singulair® can be the answer for these challenging small lots.

Small Septic System Solutions for High Water Tables

The Norweco Singulair small septic system presents an effective solution for New Hampshire homeowners facing the challenge of a 4-foot setback from the water table. This innovative system is designed for compact spaces and small lots, offering advanced treatment capabilities, allowing for efficient wastewater management even in close proximity to groundwater sources.

By choosing the Norweco Singulair system, homeowners in New Hampshire can enjoy effective wastewater treatment with a reduced setback requirement as close as 2 feet from the water table, compared to the 4-foot limit of traditional septic systems. This makes it an ideal solution for properties with limited space near the water table.

Small Septic System Scenarios

  • When homeowners wish to buy or build on a small lot with tight setbacks, and their real estate agent suggests the need for an alternative septic system that allows for a small leach field.
  • When homeowners plan to add bedrooms, expanding their home's footprint and reducing the available area for a leach field, they often seek a wastewater treatment system that can operate effectively in a smaller area. The Norweco Singulair® system is an ideal choice in such scenarios, as its 75% leach field reduction waiver generally allows for the use of the existing leach field, making it a practical solution for properties with small lots or limited space.
  • When homeowners wish to add bedrooms to an existing residence, without adding to the home’s footprint. In this case, the benefit of the Norweco system’s 75% reduction waiver typically ensures that no modification of the existing leach field is needed. For example, a septic system design for a small lot with a soil percolation rate of 8, and a 4-bedroom home, requires 1,000 sq ft of leach field. So if two more bedrooms are added, the system would require 1,510 sq ft of leach field. The waiver reduces that requirement to only 378 sq ft (a 75% reduction) – making the existing drainfield more than sufficient – but the key point is that no costly leach field modification is required.

Your property’s value – and the health of your home and family – depends on selecting an efficient, value-engineered wastewater treatment system designed for a small leachfield footprint.

Photo of installed small lot septic system.Small Lot Septic System Advantages of the Norweco Singulair®

75% Reduction in Leachfield Footprint: A Norweco Singulair septic tank has a smaller footprint because of its smaller concrete tank dimensions. This footprint is vitally important for properties with small lots and tight setbacks.

A further advantage is the proven wastewater treatment technology that has earned the system a general waiver for a 75% leach field footprint reduction. Unlike a site-specific waiver that requires individual approval, this valuable general waiver applies to any site that meets standard requirements.

This leach field footprint reduction allows people to build homes and create successful alternative septic systems on small lots that cannot support a traditional larger-sized septic system.

Norweco Accommodates Ledge Considerations for up to 4-bedroom homes: Ledge considerations are very common near waterfront areas such as the lakefronts and seacoasts throughout New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. The Singulair is an ideal septic system alternative for these areas, since the required system height is only six feet for up to a 4-bedroom system (including the tank and fill), allowing for successful ledge applications.

Valuable Soil Credit: Norweco Singulair is the only ATU (Aerobic Treatment Unit) that has earned the valuable 2-ft. Soil Credit. Typically, this credit shortens the system’s required distance from the water table by half. In comparison, traditional septic tank installation using pipe & stone or concrete chambers requires a distance of four feet from the water table – which adds expense and time of more material, and sometimes a pump because a higher field cannot be gravity-fed.

Self-contained Value-engineered Performance: The minimal key components work together to ensure efficient flow equalization, and minimize leachfield footprint. The system’s one mechanical component is an aerator that runs only 12 hours per day, every 30 minutes. The aerator and bio-kinetic filter provide consistent flow equalization, to ensure full treatment of all wastewater that leaves the tank.

Everything Serviced At Grade: At-grade servicing keeps system maintenance costs down for a homeowner, since it eliminates the need for permitted, confined-space entry into the tank, and does not require specialized servicing equipment. Also, since all components are installed outside, a service technician typically does not need access to the house.

Energy-efficient: The Singulair is a low-maintenance, energy-efficient and affordable septic system alternative. Norweco’s patented design works to quietly, efficiently and automatically treat all waste water, and returns only harmless effluent to the environment in just 48 hours.

Certified to Perform: Norweco Wastewater Treatment systems are crafted by licensed distributors to the rigorous standards of the public health and safety agency, NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation).

Ease of Installation and Maintenance: The team at A.J. Foss, Inc. in Farmington, NH holds the area license to manufacture, install and service Norweco Singulair Wastewater Treatment Systems and Norweco Service Pro Control Centers in New Hampshire, Maine, and Northern Massachusetts. Using proprietary precast forms, the factory-trained Foss team serves as a licensed distributor, installer and service professional.

The alternative wastewater treatment that Norweco Singulair provides is available as a complete package from A.J. Foss. Everything is included – from delivery and tank-setting, to installation and system start-up, to regular servicing for the first two years, with cost-effective service contracts available thereafter.

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