Fast Delivery and Quality Products

I would like to send a quick email thanking A.J.Foss for the wonderful and professional service that I experienced in buying my bulkhead from your company. Not only does your company have exceptional pricing, but the service was friendly and knowledgeable.

When the gentleman showed up Friday morning, I Knew that he had been on the road for two or so hours and arrived promptly at 8 AM He Was friendly and had the bulkhead installed in a timely manner so that I could continue with the rest of my projects for the day.

Thank you!
Alfred and Deb S.
Manchester, New Hampshire

Excellent Customer Service

I just want to say that the delivery guy who delivered the tank and leach field components to me on Saturday, was one of the nicest people I#039;ve met and a real God-send. I was having issues getting the hole for the tank dug out with the too-small machine I had and sand caving in. Your driver discouraged my idea of having him just set the tank in the driveway and encouraged me to give another try at getting the hole dug out. We did get the hole dug, shortly after he had finished unloading the rest of the materials. He then helped us rake out the bottom and check the dimensions of the hole. He then did an awesome job getting both halves of the tank set.

I wanted to tell you, your manager and the owner of the company that your driver certainly knows how to give excellent customer service and I really appreciated not just what he did, but most of all his helpful and encouraging attitude. This kind of customer service is not what you usually see these days.

Thank you for your great service!

Thank you!
Daniel E.
New Hampton

Wonderful Job

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help involving my precast step replacement. Jon, Andrew, Matt, and Dakota were all very helpful, professional, courteous, and a pleasure to deal with. Many thanks again for a wonderful job.

Thank you!
Roland G.
Litchfield, NH